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Miniconomy is, even as a simplification of a normal society, quite extensive. There are many roles to play and different goals to set, thankfully there are ample pages and options in the interface of the game to make navigating and playing a breeze.

Main page
Right after you log in, you can see at the center of the main page the welcome message with some important information for those who just started the game. You can always come back to this page by clicking on the green-white Miniconomy banner in the top of the page. In the left and the right of the screen you'll find several menu's as explained below. At the bottom of the page you can find the Live Newsfeed and the chat. The Miniconomy banner, menu's, Live Newsfeed and the chat are always visible.

Left menu

Player menu

  • Data and Profile
    • My statistics
    • Modify personal info or password
    • Change e-mail address
    • Change e-mail settings
    • Show my profile
    • Modify my profile
    • Set your own personal smileys
    • Personal Bookmarks
    • Start Page
    • 29MC Settings
    • Your PM-Membership status
    • Switch back to simple mode
    • Change language
    • Block languages in clubs
    • Friends
  • Your information
  • Player icon


Live Newsfeed

  • Live Newsfeed
  • Online players


  • Chat
  • Financial check
  • Calculator
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