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The auction is a public sale and is unique per every country. On the auction page, you find an image of the product which is being auctioned. In the blue box you find the number of products that is asked for and how many you already have in your warehouse. In the red box you find the current price for this block of products, which rises every second. This box also shows the price per product. In the green box you can see how long this particular auction is already taking.

The auction starts when someone looks at the auction page.
The auction stops at a random price or when the page hasn't been opened for a certain period of time.

 Picture of auctioned product.

Number of auctioned products and how many you have in your warehouse.

Amount of ISH you will earn in total.
Amount of ISH you will earn per auctioned product.

How long the auction has been running for.

Press this button if you want to sell auctioned products.
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