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There are 4 different types of shops that you can build. The shop types you can choose are:

  • Market booth, this is the cheapest and easiest shop to build.
  • Shed, this shop has more space than the Market booth and is the most used shop.
  • Brick shop, this is a larger and more expensive shop.
  • Megastore, this is the biggest and the most expensive shop.

Once a certain shop has been build , it is not possible to expand it!

Market booth
Market booth in street view.


The market booth is the simplest and cheapest shop to build. To build a market booth, you need:

  • 200 ISH

For a market booth you don't need to enter the coordinates of a lot, as a market booth will be automatically built on a randomly chosen road lot. So, you don't need to buy a lot for a market booth. The market booth can only be built on road lots owned by the Federal Government. A market booth has a size of 3 squst (3 m2). A market booth can't be bigger. A market booth has despite of its small size, a window. You can choose a product that you want to show to other players, although you can't show the price of the product.

Note: If you have already 5 or more lots you can't build Marketbooth, because you can only buy adjacent lots. (not applicable for MV)

Shed in street view.


A shed is the most used shop. To build a shed you need:

For a shed you need to buy a road lot yourself. A shed has a size of 4 squst, so they are bigger than the market booth. A shed has no window to show products.

Brick Shop
Brick Shop in street view.

Brick shop

A brick shop is a bit more complicated than a shed. For a brick shop, you need:

A brick shop has a minimum size of 5 squst and a maximum size of 15 squst. You need only 1 telephone, no matter what the size of the brick shop is. For a brick shop you need 2 adjoining road lots, which give you the opportunity for showing 2 products in your window. In this window you can see the price of the products.

Megastore in street view


A megastore is the biggest and the most expensive shop type. To be able to build a megastore, you need:

A megastore has a minimum size of 20 squst. The maximum size of a megastore is 500 squst. Keep in mind that you need 4 road lots right next to each other. You always need 3 computers, no matter how big you want the shop. The window of a megastore has room to show 4 products and their prices.

TIPS: This applies to all shop: right after building a shop, nothing can be stolen for 24 hours. To keep your shop safe from robberies after 24 hours, you can place cameras and alarms via the shop manager. It's best to build your shop on the main street of the city, that's the street where most people buy the most products. The main street is generally the first street in the city and therefore is the street where the FES and Town Hall are.

More information about how you can use shops can be found on the Shop Manager.

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