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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions from new arrivals to Miniconomy. Use Ctrl + F to find the question you'd like answered.
The answers found here are often simplified. If you need a more detailed explanation, try asking other players in the in-game chat (Assistants in particular are often able to help) or search for more information in the club Assistance, Tips and Tricks.

Who wins the game?
The player with the highest net-worth at the end of the round is declared the winner. Net-worth is derived from your cash + bank balance (including bank accounts, loans and savings accounts) + the base value of products in your shops and warehouse + shares + base worth of any vehicles or ships you own.
What happens to my private details?
Personal details belonging to participants will only be used if he or she wins a prize. If you don't want to be able to receive prizes you can fill in fake information. Your e-mail address will be used for Miniconomy mails and must be correct, otherwise, you will not be able to activate your account.
What is a lot?
A lot is a piece of land that you can build on or search for resources on. Lots that are adjacent to roads are considered building lots, lots containing resources are considered resource lots.
What does caseID mean?
The caseID, which is given in a private message, is the case number of a certain crime. Everybody who has been witness to that crime has the same caseID in their message. Different witnesses may receive different hints about the perpetrator, and by compiling these hints you may be able to figure out the perpetrator of a crime. Witness reports can be published to make them publicly accessible.
What is meant by 'distance'?
The distance that is given in a shop is the distance to your warehouse. The gas used per kilometre depends on the vehicle.
I want to start over, can I/am I allowed to?
Yes, you are allowed to create a new account, as long as you don't deliberately help other accounts (financially) or trade in the same cities as your old account.
I am out of fuel, what next?
If you have insufficient or no gas in stock, it doesn't mean the end of the game for you, as long as you have money or a way of getting money. You can either produce the gas yourself or buy it in a shop. The gas that was used to transport the bought gas is subtracted from your total after the purchase, which is why buying 1 litre of gas is pointless, as you lose at least 1 litre transporting it.
Are the amounts of resources found the same in each city?
No, the amount of resources is different for each city. Generally, cities tend to have specific resources more than others.
Can you decrease skills?
Yes, as long as you haven't used that particular skill yet. You can do this by clicking on your name in-game and then choosing 'Statistics'. You'll see a red cross next to your spent skill points which you can remove by clicking the cross. If this does not work, please contact a Federal via the club Fed Request.
Can you run a Miniconomy Venture with other players?
No. At this moment, it is not possible to run a company with others.
Why can't I trade with some players? According to the game, I own those accounts too...
To stop people from cheating, we keep logs from which we can tell from what computer(s)/network(s) a player has logged in. The game automatically counts people with the same computer/network as the same virtual person, and automatically stops trade between those accounts, whether or not they are owned by the same person.
How do I get to other countries and back?
You can only travel between countries with a ship. You can either build one yourself or go to a harbour and travel on someone else's ship. You can also use your strip-card, even if there is no boat. You can buy a strip-card with credits.
How long does a normal round last?
Three weeks.
What is cartel formation, farming and abuse?
  • Cartel formation: Price-fixing agreements between several players that keep the price higher than it should be in a particular city.
  • Farming: Creating (multiple) accounts to aid other accounts financially by sending money or selling products to them cheaply.
  • Abuse: Giving someone a bad name.
Can I be shot dead?
No, but you can be bankrupted by hospital bills after a shoot out. The next trading period, you can play again as if nothing happened.
Is there any point in having multiple bulletproof vests in stock? Does this reduce the chance of bankruptcy?
Yes. After being shot or hit by an explosive, the vest can break. So if you're likely to be shot it is recommended to have multiple bulletproof vests in your backpack.
How do you become an active player?
A combination of logging in often and trade-activity.
Where can you see your own status?
Click on your name in the top-right corner of the game. You will then be shown some information about yourself.
Why can't you join a club with no contribution if you have a negative wealth?
One requirement in Miniconomy to be able to make use of services is a positive wealth.
Will we be notified via e-mail about new rounds?
I have a negative wealth, what do I do now?
  • Wait for subsidy
  • Sell whatever you have in stock
  • Borrow money from a bank
  • Sell property like lots, shops or stocks
  • Transfer funds from your Miniconomy Venture (mind the 5% profit tax)
Why do you get a fine for stealing 0 products?
An attempt to steal is just as heavily punished as actually stealing.
Will there be more products in the future?
If somebody suggests a good product that fits into this economy, has a clear function and can be produced using existing products, that may happen.
How often do the stock indices change?
Each hour.
What is the base value of a product?
A price set by the Government based on 80% of the average production costs in Eurodam (the biggest city in Miniconomy). This is used to determine net-worth, and therefore, also the winner.
How are the indices of shares calculated?
Indices of stocks in cities are based on the amount of trade in a particular city. If loads of products are bought on a particular day, the city's shares will increase in value; if little is sold, the shares will decrease in value. Indices belonging to shares in small cities change faster than shares in big cities. Trading in cities you, your Miniconomy Venture or your subaccount trades in is still illegal. So even if you are tempted to buy shares before a big order, you will be fined for more than the profit you may make.
How come I lose money, even though I'm not buying anything?
Sometimes your cash total isn't updated right after spending, so it might look like you've lost money when really you spent it earlier. This can happen when joining a club that asks for contribution for example.
When do you receive subsidy?
Your city's mayor and National Governments decide if and when subsidies are handed out.
How do I earn money if I don't have a shop?
You can export goods in the exim central (max. 50 blocks or 5000 ISH import and export per 24-hour period), you can buy and sell stocks, build or buy a shop, offer services, build a club and find members who pay contribution, borrow from other players, etc.
Do you need a truck/car to transport goods?
For transport within a city, you don't need a car or truck, but it does save a lot of fuel. Outside your city, you can only transport goods using a car or truck. You can, however, hire a car or truck (taxi) for a trip. You pay a set price per kilometre.
Can you steal a truck?
No, you can't steal cars or trucks.
What can you do with a computer?
You can run software on a computer. This lets you check if someone has a bulletproof vest, check who has bought what from your shop, and much more. These programs can be bought using the computer icon that appears as soon as you have a computer room with a computer in your room in a Skyscraper.
When do I receive interest from my savings?
You get interest each hour (even if you aren't logged in). Note: The rates shown are the weekly interest rates, not the hourly rates.
Is the interest on savings at a bank based on the original sum or the sum including already-collected interest?
Including already-collected interest.
Do you automatically receive borrowed money on your account?
Yes, as soon as the bank has accepted your loan you receive the money and a message.
How do I build a shop in another city?
You can't. If you want a shop in another city, you have to buy one at the lot market or move to the other city.
Do ovens, pumps, trucks, guns, machines etc. break after usage?
Ovens, machines, screwdrivers and saws can only be used in a production process for a limited amount of products, they will break and be removed from your warehouse when the limit has been reached. Vehicles lose durability but do not break. They are unable to be used until the durability has been increased via a garage. Gunpowder and explosives are lost after usage. Guns, screwdrivers and wood are lost when you have been caught committing a crime.
How do I get a job?
For instance, by running for mayor in your city or for president in the elections, or ask the president to hire you as a consul, financial civil servant or a priest. You can also earn a degree (officer, lawyer, teacher) via the Department of Education, with which you can get some jobs. An extended explanation is to be found at the job page.
How can I withdraw requests for loans?
You can't. You could try sending a message to the owner, explaining you don't want to borrow the money, but the bank owner still gets to decide if he/she accepts or rejects the loan.
What is a squst?
Squst stands for Square Storage. It is used as a measurement for products. 1 Squst is exactly what can be stored on 1 square meter of land. Planks take up 0.02 squst, so you can store 50 planks on 1 square meter of land.
Does everybody receive subsidy?
Everybody that has logged in at least once, can receive mass subsidy. The city manager can however choose to give mass subsidy to players with less than a certain amount of money in cash. You can receive a personal subsidy of maximum 500 ISH from you city manager by meeting the requirements provided by the mayor in the Town Hall of your city and a maximum of 2500 ISH from your National Government by meeting the requirements provided in one the National Government clubs.
I have saved or borrowed money at a bank, with a particular interest rate. That bank has now changed that rate. What happens next?
You keep the rates that were valid at the time. The new rates only apply to new customers.
How do I lose my cheater status?
Two rounds after you have received it, you may fill in a request for rehabilitation at the CBI.
How do I get a logo above my name?
Click on your name in the top-right corner of the game, you can upload a picture there.
Can I change the name of a club or bank?
No, you can't.
How do I increase my loan?
You can't. You must first pay off your loan before you can borrow more money.
Does having more pumps or shovels increase your chance of finding oil?
No, the chance stays the same.
The shops all have the same level of marketing, how is the order determined?
Randomly. Each time you enter the street again, you'll notice the order has changed.
How do you change your hometown/How do you move?
Click on the move button at the bottom-right of your warehouse. Here you can specify the city you want to move to. Moving is not free, the cost depends on the size of your warehouse.
Does the chance of getting caught increase if the victim's status is higher?
No, the status of the victim has no influence on your chance of success.
Do you keep the borrowed money if the bank goes bankrupt?
Is there any point in reporting a theft or assault?
Yes, in order to warn fellow citizens about the danger. It has no use, however, to capture the criminal because the criminal gets caught and punished for his/her deed automatically. You can, however, ban the criminal from your shop.
Can I change my username, password or e-mail address?
You can change your personal data, including password and e-mail address by clicking on your name in the top-right corner of the game. You can't change your username.
Where can I send my suggestions for the game?
Mail your suggestions to Wouter or post them in the club Miniconomy Ideas.
Can I see what products have been sold?
No, but you can see how many people have bought or stolen from your shop and when you last sold a product. With special software for your virtual computer you can see what has been bought.
I can't withdraw my money from the bank, what next?
If your bank doesn't have enough money to pay you, the Government is notified. The owner is then forced to sell possessions to be able to pay savers. If he/she doesn't manage, he/she will be declared bankrupt, and your savings will be frozen.
What happens to me if my wealth is negative?
If you are still in the red after a subsidy, you risk being declared bankrupt. If that happens, you have to wait for the next trading period before you can join in again, or play with another account meanwhile.
Is there a base value for shops, lots and your warehouse at the end of the round?
How do you become a Premium Member or buy credits?
Take a look at the credits page. Opening a credit account obliges you to nothing.
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