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In the upper right menu, you see a picture of an envelope, and next to that a number that says how many unread messages you have. As soon as you receive a message from the Government (usually automatically sent) or from another player, the number starts blinking. When you click on the counter you enter your inbox. You can also delete messages here. Messages that are not removed will automatically be stored until the end of the round.

You can send a SMS to other Miniconomy players. You need either a telephone, computer or using the SMS page for this. The page can be found at services and looks like this:

Sending SMS

Here you will need to type the phone number of the player, which can be found on the player profile or by using the Phonebook. Then you can write the message and send it when your done.
This is the phonbook, which you can find under the send SMS section:


Sending an SMS by telephone
To send a SMS by telephone, you need that persons phone number, which can be found in his/her profile. Click on the phone number to automatically open the SMS-by-phone screen. Here, you can compose your message. You have the option of sending your message 'normally' or 'anonymous'.

Sending a SMS costs:

  • The costs for a normal SMS are 0.50 ISH
  • The costs for an anonymous SMS are 1.00 ISH
  • For contacting the Federals (111111), no phone is needed and is free.

Sending an SMS by computer
At the computer in your Skyscraper, you can use Quick SMS to send multiple people the same message. It has two more advantages: you have 20 characters more than usual, and you don't need a phone to send the messages. However, Quick SMS doesn't always work.

Witness reports
When a crime has been attempted or committed and you are the victim or near the crime scene, you can receive a witness report. Every witness report has it's own unique identity, named a Case ID, for example THF-23046 in case of a theft. The witness report also states a hint on who the perpetrator is, examples are:

  • The name of the perperator contains a 'B'.
  • The account of the perpetrator was created on 04/17/13.
  • The perpetrator has the status 'Criminal Mastermind'.
  • The perpetrator has the profession 'Mayor'.
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