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You can build a skyscraper, where others can live in. You can build floors, and also change the luxury of each floor.

Skyscraper base
If you want to build a skyscraper, you will need to build the base first. The base will have a minimal of 2 floors and you can build the base out of maximum 4 floors. Each floor is 10 squst. The ground floor will be 1 floor. This cannot be used to live in.

For each floor you want to build more then the minimal 2 floors, so 3 or 4 floors, you will need to double the products above. So a 3 floor base will cost 75 bricks and 30 iron for example. For a 4 floor base, you will need to multiply the above numbers for 2 floors with 3. Keep in mind that you cannot build a base higher then 4 floors. Also, you will always need 1 lot, no matter how many floors you want to build.

Skyscraper extension
When you have build the base, you can expand your skyscraper to build more floors.

Luxury levels
As owner of a skyscraper, you can change the luxury level of a floor. But you can only change this when this floor is empty, so as long there is no player living on that floor. Every luxury level will have its own benefits. These benefits are unknown now. These benefits can be about crime and computers. Also the costs to change a luxury level are unknown, but these costs will depend on which luxury level you want to change to. This will be the luxury levels in the skyscraper:

  • Basic room
  • Comfort room
  • Chamber first class
  • Presidential suite
  • Penthouse
    Remember that a penthouse can only be the top of the skyscraper, so when you have a penthouse you cannot expand your skyscraper. The skyscraper need to be at least 100 levels before you can built a penthouse.

Ground floor
As owner, you will still be able to close or open the door. But, the ground floor can always be seen by everybody. On the ground floor, you can see who lives on which floor, which floors are free and costs of the rent. Here you can also rent a floor, which is free. Then you live in the skyscraper on the floor you rented. You cannot live on the ground floor.

As player you can rent a floor in a skyscraper. On the ground floor you can choose a floor to live in. The owner of the skyscraper can decide the costs of the rent. This price can be changed by the owner as long no player lives on that floor. When a player lives on the floor, the price will be set and cannot be changed. This price has a minimum and maximum, which will depend on some variables, like luxury level. The price of the rent will be the price per day. From the moment a player rents a floor, the floor will be paid terms. *note*: as you pay in terms in advance, it's not smart to hop between skyscrapers. As owner, you cannot throw a player out of the skyscraper. Only when a player doesn't pay the rent, the owner will be able to throw the player out. The payments will go automatically, so keep this in mind. When you live on a floor, you can always decide to leave the floor to live somewhere else.

Tourists will also rent floors. They will live in your skyscraper for a number of days, which will vary. They will pay the rent and will leave in a couple of days.

As owner you will have several powers to control your own skyscraper, as named in the articles above. Keep always in mind that you cannot live in your own skyscraper as owner. You can also change the strength of the door as owner. The costs of every strength level are unknown.

Door Strength
You can make the door thougher against bombs. How strong the door is, depends on wha the strength of a door is. Here is a list:

Strength levelDoor strengthNeeded for upgrade
1152 Wood, 2 Iron, 1 Saw
2251 Wood, 1 Iron, 2 Saw, 2 Bulletproof Vest, 1 Screwdriver
3359 Wood, 9 Iron, 3 Saw, 3 Bulletproof Vest, 1 Screwdriver
4458 Wood, 8 Iron, 4 Saw, 5 Bulletproof Vest, 2 Screwdriver

TIP: It will be smart to keep investing in your skyscraper(s). Even though it will be a big risk as you can lose money, you can also earn money. It is a risk factor. Your skyscraper can have effect on your net worth at the end of the round. The total you get on your net worth will differ from some variables.

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