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Producing and Resources

Making products
A product can be fabricated from resources and other products. The resources are clay, oil, iron ore, gold, diamonds and trees. From these resources you can make all other products.
To make a product, click on it in the menu. There you will find the necessities for creating the product.
When fabricating, you have to pay production costs. These costs are made with every single product (so when you produce 50 planks at the same time, you still pay 50 times the production costs). Production costs can be reduced by buying skills.

Selling products
Click in the right menu on the desired product. In the main frame, the product page will appear. Find the header Set price. Select your shop; below you can enter the desired price. Due to Value Added Tax (VAT), some products have a higher price in the shop than you set yourself. You can also select price for specific item for specific shop in warehouse. Just click on price and you will get popup where you input desired price. Usually, the mayor pays back this VAT once in a while.
Now go to your warehouse. In the box behind the product you want to place in your shop, enter the desired number of products. Select your shop (which happens automatically, unless you have more than one shop) and choose transport.
Your products have now been placed in your shop. To view these products, click on name of your shop in warehouse.

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