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Producing and Resources

Making products

A product can be fabricated from resources and other products. The resources are clay, oil, iron ore, gold, diamonds and trees. From these resources you can make all other products.

To make a product, click a desired product from the Product Menu on the right to bring up the product page in the main frame of the screen. This page shows you the information about your product including it's size in Square Storage(Squst), what resources and products are needed to produce it, skill points that can be invested to decrease production cost and a price setting.

You must navigate your way to the Street in the menu to the left to buy the necessary products and resources, or the tools to harvest your own materials if you see it fit.

Don't forget to place the proper skill points in your products before you produce! Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to make any money! You start every round with 10 skill points, so invest them wisely!

When you have your required resources, products, skill points and energy for production, click the Produce button and get selling!

Digging and Cutting Resources

Finding the Street you can now buy your shovels and saws to start harvesting your own resources! Clicking the Search for Resources tab in the left side menu will show you all of the resources that can be harvested and what products are needed to harvest them. Some resources require additional products to search for.

You will have to purchase Lots with the proper resources on them to harvest your desired resources, unless you are digging for clay which only needs a healthy lot state, these can be bought from the Map view or through the Lot Market.

Once you've selected your lots and the percentage of how much of the lot you want to search, click Search and a banner will tell you how many resources you have harvested. Now get back to producing!

Selling products

Now that you have some products and resources in your warehouse, you can start selling them! In the box next to the product you want to sell, enter the desired number of products. Input the desired price to be set for your product. Don't forget about your Value Added Tax (VAT). The prices of specific products can also be set with VAT included from the Set Price box in the corresponding product menu view.

Usually, the mayor will pay back this VAT as they see fit.

Select your shop (which happens automatically, unless you have more than one shop) and click transport. If you're sending products to another city, you'll have to select taxi's with enough cargo space for your shipment.

Your products have now been placed in your shop for players and tourist to purchase!

Happy Trading!

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