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In Miniconomy you can choose from a number of different professions, whether you have played for years or are just starting out. This list shows you what is possible in Miniconomy.

To learn more about how to get hired, see the How to get a job section.

Jobs you set yourself

Bodyguard Bodyguard Bodyguards protect a specific person from attacks by standing on the same lot as the bodyguard will take the hits.
Lawyer Lawyer A person who has the right to defend people in law cases.
Priest Priest Priests can marry and divorce people.
Real Estate Agent Real Estate Agent (REA) Broker. Only REA's can sell shops to non-REA players. You can obtain this degree by buying it with credits. This degree and profession last only for one round.
Round 50 participant Round 50 participant Player who reached a net worth of 5000 ISH in round 50.
Round 75 participant Round 75 participant Player who reached a net worth of 7500 ISH in round 75.
Round 100 participant Round 100 participant Player who reached a net worth of 10000 ISH in round 100.
10 Year Anniversary Party Participant 10 Year Anniversary Party Participant Player who attended the 10-years party of Miniconomy.

Local jobs

Officer Officer Police officer, employed by the Mayor in case of a Local Officer or by the State official for Safety in case of a National Officer. An officer requires the officer degree if this is required by National Law. He cannot have any other professions and must be hired by the mayor of your home town.
Mayor Mayor Mayor of one of the cities. Mayors have access to the City Manager account of their city. The City Manager is only used to run the city and is not allowed to trade and will not be shown on the endlist. The City Manager decides on many things in the local city, like which exports are set and where the roads are built.

National jobs

Financial Civil Servant Financial Civil Servant (FCS) Financial clerk, hired by the National governments. The FCS inspects information about financial transactions and fines, he can issue fines imposed by National officials as described by National laws and declare bankrupt players who have not paid fines or contracts. He cannot have any other profession. There is a limitation of 2 Financial Civil Servants per National Government.
Minister Minister Ministers, along with their country-specific President make up the National Government of each country.
President President The President is the chairman and Head of State of their country.
Teacher Teacher Formerly teachers working for Cyberian or Virtuan schools. Now work as examiners or teaching assistants.

International jobs

  Judge of the IC The Judges of the International Court make decisions on cases in the International Court and can be appointed spokesperson of the International Court by the Chairman of the International Court. Judges of the International Court require the Lawyer degree and ideally are not Judge in a National Court.

Special jobs

Assistant Assistant Assistants are appointed by the Head Assistant. Assistants help people with problems and moderate the chat. To help more efficiently, this profession is visible in the chat.
BetaTester Beta Tester A player who helped testing new features of Miniconomy.
CBI Special Agent CBI Special Agent Special Agents who are employed to fight cheating.
Editor Editor A person with the right to post on the News Feed. The degree to this profession is distributed in different ways depending on how it is obtained, either by Federals, a school or the player running The Miniconomist.
Recruiter Recruiter Player who tries to get new players to play the game. The degree has no powers, but can be placed as profession for decoration.


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