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Introducing you to the job: lawyer

As a lawyer you will be representing yourself or someone else in court. A lawyer degree shows that you're ready to help anyone in a situation that could be vital to them! Several factors are important to be a good lawyer. You need:

  • good knowledge of the Miniconomy laws and protocols
  • smart mind to interpret law, pleas of the other party and verdicts
  • write a good plea

Laws, legal institutions and protocols

Every country has its own lawbook. On top of that you also have the International Lawbook, the Mayor Manual and International treaties are considered part of the International Law. The international Law is always the most important lawbook in Miniconomy. In case that a Lawbook of a country tells something else than a law from the International Lawbook, the International Law is always dominant.

International Court
Any citizen with a vested interest has the right to start a lawsuit against citizens and organisations. The International Court is the only court in the Federation that is allowed to handle cases where the accuser and accused have different nationalities. Normal Cases in the international Court can only be requested when the two parties do not share the same nationality. The International Court is maintained by the Chairman of the International Court. The Chairman of the International Court will be appointed by the CoV. The CoV has the right to dismiss the Chairman of the International Court. Judges are appointed and dismissed by the Chairman of the International Court. The judges are visible in the International Court at all time. The International Court will process the following kind of lawsuits:

  • Normal Cases
  • Higher Appeals
  • Bankruptcy Cases
  • Preliminary Injunctions
  • Registry Procedures

The protocols for lawsuits are supplied by the Chairman of the International Court, which have to be followed by all persons involved in a legal procedure held in the International Court. This protocol should be accessible within the International Court. A lawyer degree is required to represent oneself or a client in the International Court. A verdict of the International Court will be considered as binding jurisprudence for a period of three rounds. The chairman of the International Court is responsible for placing the records of every case in the club Case Record Office and is obliged to do so during the same round as the verdict has been given.

National legal institutes
Every country has to provide some sort of legal institution. However, only Cyberia and Virtua are known to have Courtrooms with a set of judges. You can find more information about the national legal institutes in the lawbooks of each country.

Writing pleas

A plea is text that is written in a court case. It countains arguments, opinions and evidence to prove innocence of your client or the guilt of the opposing party. It should be thorough, explanative and contain as much information as you could include. When writing a plea, make it structured so that it makes sense. A good structure would be:

  • Dear Judges/ Your Honour/Dear Court/etc.
  • Opening paragraph (mention why you are in court and what laws are involved)
  • Arguments proving your client's innocence/the opposing parties guilt.
  • Providing evidence
  • Conclusion (what you think is wrong based on provided argumentation and evidence, what should be done now)
  • thank you for listening to my plea/thank you for your time/etc.

A good plea has correct use of language, thoroughly explains arguments and opinions, is backed up by the relevant laws and evidence and never has any swearword, rudeness or any other inappropriate behaviour in it. If a plea is longer than the post limit, it is best to post it in the reverse order so that the plea can be easily read.

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