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Export and Import

Per 24 hours, you can import 50 blocks and/or export for a total value of 5000ISH. One block may consist of a variable number of a certain product; 5 trees for instance. Exports are set by the mayor of your city. On the Export and Import page you can find how much you're mayor is willing to pay for the whole block of goods (all goods together of one good). Most of the times this will be around the 100 ISH, so when you're going to buy stuff for the Export make sure you don't pay more then 100 ISH for the goods you will export so you can make a profit. At this page, you can also see the imports set by a Miniconomy Venture with the gunpowder license.

The Export and Import page:

Possible errors

  • Products not exported: Invalid number entered
You need to enter a number of how much blocks you would like to export.
  • Products not exported: Goods not in stock. Did you check the block size?
Make sure you have enough products of which you want to export in your warehouse. Also check how much products you need to have (total blocks you want to export multiplied by the amount of goods that is in one block). If this doesn't help, try to export one block at a time.
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