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Miniconomy Venture (MV)

A Miniconomy Venture is the only way you can set more skills and helps to raise your trading potential. However, you can only found a Miniconomy Venture when you are Premium Member (PM), Advanced, Captain of Industry (CoI), Super Captain of Industry (SCoI) or Master of Industry (MoI).

Starting a Miniconomy Venture (MV)
Click on the tab "Found a Company" in the services page:

Founding a Miniconomy Venture (MV) can be done via the Services page and costs:

Benefits of a Miniconomy Venture (MV)
By founding a company, you not only have the possibility of setting new skill points, but you can also build a bank or harbour. Another feature unique to Miniconomy Ventures is letting other people use your cars. After buying one or more cars, taxi companies can set fare prices people need to pay to use the car to transport goods or themselves between cities in a country.

Differences between a Miniconomy Venture (MV) and a normal player
A Miniconomy Venture is in fact a second player and is also capable to build buildings like shops. There are small differences. Miniconomy Ventures cannot import, export, auction, use the Services page, dig resources or view profiles. The only way Miniconomy Ventures can use the stock market, is by having building a bank. Also, a MV can have a bank account without living in a skyscraper. Money can only be transferred from your MV to yourself by doing a profit distribution (which is taxed at 5%). It is also allowed to transfer money from the player to the MV via a bank transfer. It is absolutely prohibited to trade goods between your MV and yourself, even by using a third person.

One of the most important differences between a MV and a player is that a MV can only use skills on one product or service. So putting your skills on driving cars and then on bricks or another product isn't possible! Then you have only skills on driving cars.

Managing your Miniconomy Venture (MV)
To manage your company, click on the Company Manager-icon, next to your fuel meter.

Company Manager-icon

A list of your MV's will be shown. Click next to the desired MV on 'Manage'.

To change your Company Information, or perform a profit distribution, click on the Manage icon again. Here you can set the percentage of your MV's balance to be distributed to your own account. At this page, you can also go back to you normal account by clicking on 'Back to your normal account' icon.

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