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By investing in stocks, you can make handsome profits. You can find this game option in the left menu named 'Stock Market'.

This is what the stock market looks like:

The prices of the different 'city indices' are based on the relative value of traded goods (the trading volume). When the trading volume increases relative to the average of the day before, the price will rise. When sales of goods drops, the price will decrease. The MIT index works on the same way as the city indices, but covers the whole of Miniconomy. This stock is therefore the most stable stock available.

There is a maximum of 200 stocks you can buy at the same time. The only way to buy more stocks is by building a bank with your Miniconomy Venture. This MV can then buy 200 stocks as well.

It is absolutely prohibited to influence stock prices yourself, when at the same time you are in possession of stocks of the same city. Once this has been noticed you will receive a very high fine, and it could even lead to a cheater status or a ban from Miniconomy! This means that you are not allowed to buy stocks in cities you, your Miniconomy Venture or your sub account trades.

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