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Premium Member (PM)

A Premium Member (PM) is a player who pays real money to unlock additional features of the game.

Therefore, Premium Members:

  • are able to buy an unlimited amount of lots
  • are able to buy and build an unlimited amount of shops
  • are protected against being beaten up
  • can dig clay easier
  • can use colors and smileys in clubs and on chat
  • can use ten personal smileys
  • can use four times more characters per post in a club
  • can propose and marry other players
  • get 300 I-Shell per day, 600 I-Shell when married.
  • have access to the Premium Member club, a meeting point for active PM's
  • have the exclusive right to found a political party in CyberiĆ«
  • have the possibility of founding Miniconomy Ventures (MV's)
  • have the possibility of building banks and harbours
  • have the possibility of unlimited shooting other players
  • have the possibility of beating up other players
  • have the special PM-icon behind your name
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