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Committing Crimes

Committing crimes is, next to trade and politics, an important part of Miniconomy. When used strategically, it can create monopolies on a certain product or shifts in political power. Some crimes require Premium Member (PM) or a certain tool. To commit crimes, you need to carry these tools in your backpack. If you get caught, all the products in your backpack will be confiscated, you can get jail time and a fine. The fine varies per country and is stated in the National Lawbooks. Whether a crime succeeds depends on several factors, including the presence of officers and other players, if security measures have been taken, having a weapon (plank or gun) in your backpack, the amount of criminal skills you have bought and the factor of chance.

The crime page can be found by the services tab, and will look like this:

Commiting crimes page

General crimes

Stealing from a shop
You can't only buy products, you can also steal them. The big disadvantage of stealing is that you don't always succeed. Moreover, you can't steal more than 1 squst. This crime requires one screwdriver in your backpack. Jail time for this crime varies.

Robbing a person
It is possible to rob someone. When the robbery is successful, you receive a certain amount of the money the person is carrying in cash at the moment. Jail time for this crime varies.

Robbing a bank
When in possession of a gun and an MC-truck, you may rob a bank. When you manage to break through the security, you take a percentage of the vault's content with you. Jail time for this crime is four hours.

For bombing someone, you need a computer and an explosive. All persons present on the blown-up lot and in a 3x3 square around it must pay a hospital fee. Bulletproof vests makes the damage less, but can break. When blowing up a shop a percentage of the products are lost. When blowing up a Skyscraper, the door is blown out and the owner will need 250 wood to restore the door. You can only be caught when placing the bomb. Jail time for this crime is 12 minutes.

Placing a bomb
A bomb is placed by putting a bomb in the backpack, click on the lot where it should be placed and click 'Place bomb'. If any resources are extracted from a lot with bombs on it, all bombs on that lot will explode.

Activating a bomb
To activate a placed bomb, the criminal needs to use the program Bomber on the computer inside his/her Skyscraper. To install Bomber, one simply types ‘INSTALL BOMBER’ in the MOS service. After that, the placed bomb can be activated by typing ‘BOMBER (hours until detonation) (X coordinate) (Y coordinate)' in MOS. Minimal time until detonation is one full hour, bombs explode always at whole hours, eg 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 etc. For bombing lot 123-456 as soon as (s)he can, the criminal will have to type ‘BOMBER 1 123 456’ after placing the bomb on that lot. However, if resources are extracted from a lot with a bomb on it, the bomb will explode.

Lot condition influence of bombs

Lot condition decrease by bombs

Premium Membership crimes

Beating up
Premium Members have the possibility of beating someone up. Those Premium Members themselves are protected against being batted. For beating someone up, you need a plank of wood in your backpack. Even though the perpetrator can be caught, the victim is always hit and is beaten into the hospital. The victim, when logging in, may choose to either wait one hour (until he 'wakes up') or pay a 100 ISH doctor bill. Jail time for this crime varies.

Premium Members have the possibility of shooting someone. For shooting a person, you need a gun and 10 grams of gunpowder per shot in your backpack. Even though the perpetrator can be caught, the victim is always hit and must pay the hospital fee (an amount of 250, 500, or 1000 ISH). Bulletproof vests makes the damage less, but can break, and the presence of a hospital halves the damage. The hospital bill increases when the attacker has bought criminal skills. Due to the hospital bills, the victim may eventually become bankrupt. Jail time for this crime is one hour.

Factors influencing the chance of getting caught

The following factors have a influence on the chance of getting caught, it is however unknown whether this is positive or negative and how big the influence is:

  • the presence of a camera, alarm or double alarm
  • the presence of an officer within a certain radius and whether (s)he is online
  • the presence of witnesses within a certain radius
  • committing a crime inside a building
  • committing multiple crimes in a row (the same or a different one)
  • the number of crime skills
  • the status of the player
  • a random factor of chance

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