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In total, there are 10 different vehicles, each with specific qualities concerning gas usage, production costs, capacity and wear. Vehicles wear out earlier when they are used more frequently. You need a garage for producing cars; by building a garage, you can also specialise yourself in producing and repairing cars. Vehicles can be offered for sale in your garage's showroom.

Producing cars
At the garage, you can choose to make different types of cars. The costs are:

There are 10 different types of car:

TypeProduction costs *Max. speed **Gas usage (L/km) ***Aging factor ****Capacity
Miniconomy100.00 ISH155 km/h1/3.021 squst
Mitsuishi150.00 ISH175 km/h1/2.034 squst
Nishan130.00 ISH170 km/h1/1.535 squst
Kavelrover180.00 ISH140 km/h1/1.016 squst
BMC300.00 ISH230 km/h1/2.023 squst
Mcdus250.00 ISH220 km/h1/1.524 squst
Lamcia65.00 ISH135 km/h1/3.541 squst
Farmerrari750.00 ISH270 km/h1/0.611 squst
Limcousine275.00 ISH150 km/h1/1.013 squst
MC-Truck200.00 ISH100 km/h1/0.4210 squst
Tishla2500.00 ISH250 km/h-11 squst

(*) Production costs decreases by setting car building skills at your garage.
(**) Has no use anymore, was important when car races were held in the past.
(***) Gas usage decreases by setting skills on transport at the transport manager, which you can access by clicking on car icon right of gas indicator.
(****) The higher the ageing factor, the sooner the car is thus damaged it cannot be used without repair.

TypeProduction costs without skills*Production costs with maximum skills*
Miniconomy100.00 ISH14.29 ISH
Mitsuishi150.00 ISH21.43 ISH
Nishan130.00 ISH18.57 ISH
Kavelrover180.00 ISH25.71 ISH
BMC300.00 ISH42.06 ISH
Mcdus250.00 ISH35.71 ISH
Lamcia65.00 ISH9.29 ISH
Farmerrari750.00 ISH107.14 ISH
Limcousine275.00 ISH39.56 ISH
MC-Truck200.00 ISH28.57 ISH
Tishla2500.00 ISH357.00 ISH

(*) Values from round 133.

Car manager
With the car icon in the upper right corner (next to your gas meter), you can set transport skills and manage your car park. When purchasing products in another city, you need a car to transport them. The transport screen automatically appears when you press the 'buy'-button; you then pick a car (your own, or someone's taxi) and press transport. Make sure that the car has enough space available, and doesn't ask too much money per kilometer. Your products are now transported to your warehouse.

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