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Ground is sold per lot. On a lot, there can be resources like trees or buildings like shops and parks. The ground can contain (a combination of) gold, oil, iron ore, diamonds, trees or clay. The lots are shown on a map, on which you can zoom in or out. By clicking on a lot, information about the owner and the cultivation can be found.

Your own lots can be found directly via the button My Property. 'Cleaning' the land is possible by using the bulldozer-function. This function is the red cross in your Lot Information after you click on one of your lots. You will then remove all buildings and trees.

When you buy more than 100 lots, you will be charged with lot tax. You will pay a small amount for every lot you buy and will become more expensive progressively as the tax will increase with 5 ish per 100 lots. So if you have 100 lots, you have to pay 5 ish tax. If you have 200 lots you have to pay 10 ish tax with each lot you buy.

Buying a lot
There are two ways to purchase lots:

Via the Lot Market
When using the Lot Market you can purchase lots by setting all the conditions and clicking search. A list will then appear with all lots that satisfy these conditions.
Via the Map
When using the Map you go to the button on the left side of your screen and click on an area of the map where you think that the lot you want to buy is. You then zoom in and you can select individual lots.

To put your own lots up for sale, go to Property, click the coordinates of your lot, and then select the lot on the map. At the Miniconomy Lot Info, you can then set a price and put it up for sale.

Lot Information
In the Lot Information screen, which shows when you click on a lot at the map, you see (some of) the following options:

the coordinates of the lot
when the lot is next to a road, and someone has built something on it, it has an address
the owner of this lot
indicates the kind of building (undeveloped, club, skyscraper, shop, harbour, garage, bank, parking lot, road).
Building name
the name of the building (if present)
indicates the distance from this shop to your warehouse
tells which resources can be found on this lot
the price of a lot that is on sale
indicates the lot condition of this lot.
People Present
tells you which people are on the same lot. Grey names are offline, white names are online.
Money bag
the Money bag can also (very rarely) be found on a lot.
a mysterious item that can contain treasures, only found in inbetween rounds.

On the lots in your possession, there also is a red cross (next to Building) and a green pyramid (next to Condition). The cross flattens your lot and thus removes buildings or trees; the pyramid allows upgrading of your lot's condition. You will need a Diamond Drill (and 1 diamond per time) to increase the lot condition.

Lot Condition
Every lot has a certain condition. Every time resources are searched on a lot, the condition of that lot decreases by 10 points, and those of the surrounding lots by 5 points (when digging for clay, the condition respectively decreases only by 2 and 1) When a building is placed on a lot, 25 points of the lot condition are deducted (and 10 points at the surrounding lots). This also happens when building a road and parking lots, as well as roads removing all condition from the lots built on.

Note: If you cannot build on a lot because the condition is below the required 25, you can always ask your city's mayor to build a park nearby to increase the condition.

Lot condition decrease by digging resources (clay)

Mayors can 'upgrade' lot by using:

All can 'upgrade' lot by using:

  • Putting Diamonds in the ground. Also need drill, but dont use it. 1 diamond is lost, and the lot condition is increased by 50 points. The first ring of surrounding lots increases with 10 points.

Lot Condition increase of diamonds

Consequences of the lot condition:

  • Below 25 points, you can't build on a lot anymore
  • Below 10 points, you can't search for resources, except for clay
  • Below 2 points, you can't search for clay
  • Below 90 for the whole city, condition of all lots in that city is lowered by 1 per day
  • Below 80 for the whole city, condition of all lots in that city is lowered by 2 per day
  • Above 130 for the whole city, condition of all lots in that city is increased by 1 per day

Warehouses are built underground, and can be expanded up to 250 squst.

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