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Clubs are places in the Federation where players can communicate with each other. Everyone can build clubs; however if you are not a Premium Member and have been online for more than 10 hours, you lose that possibility.

When you click on "Club" in the left menu you will get this list which show you all the clubs that are available in your country.

You see here your own clubs, clubs you are member of, clubs you are not member of and the clubs of the government.

When you click on one of the clubs, the club will open and looks like this:

Building a club
A club has a minimum size of 5 m², and can reach a size of 25 m² (Premium Members can build up to 35 m²). 1 m² equals 10 posts in a club. This means that in a 5 m² club, there can be a maximum of 50 posts.
To build a club you need the following things:


  • Green topics: everybody is able to post in this topic
  • Orange topics: only administrator and moderators are able to post in this topic
  • Red topics: Nobody is able to post in this topic
  • Blue arrow: move topic to the top
  • Trash bin: delete the topic

Administrating a club
A club is administrated by one player. This player has the option to remove or ban people from his club, and can also give people a posting ban. The administrator can also appoint three moderators. These moderators can ban and remove people. Both the administrator and moderators also have the possibility of starting and deleting topics.

This is what the club manager looks like:

Private vs Public clubs
A club can be public or private. A free public club can be joined by anyone with a positive balance. A private club requires a password in order for you to become a member. The administrator can set this password. Some club owners request a payment in return for your membership. Make sure that joining the club is for free if you do not want to pay for it.

You will receive a subsidy for the first club of the round that you build.

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