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Within Miniconomy, there are several statuses people can obtain. Depending on your merits in the game, your status may rise. You can only have one status at the time, for example if you are CoI and you commit enough crimes to become criminal you will lose your CoI and gain criminal status.

Overview of Statuses

The following statuses are distinguished:

Criminal Criminal -- A player who either got this status by a court sentence or was caught committing crimes enough times to obtain at least 9 Criminal Points.
GangsterGangster -- A hardened Criminal with at least 150 Criminal points. Gangsters are well-respected in Digitalië.
Criminal MastermindCriminal Mastermind -- An infamous Criminal with at least 350 Criminal points. Criminal Masterminds are revered in Digitalië.
Citizen Citizen -- A normal Citizen. When you first create an account, you receive this status.
Advanced Advanced -- A player becomes ‘Advanced’ by making it into the top-20 once.
CoI CoI -- Captain of Industry. Status that is achieved by winning one round, or a triple reference in the top-10. CoI's are well-respected in Cyberië and Virtua.
Super-CoI Super-CoI -- Super Captain of Industry. These players have won three rounds, or have ten references in the top-10. The best merchants in Miniconomy.
MoI MoI -- Master of Industry. These players have won nine rounds, or have thirty references in the top-10. The best merchants in Miniconomy.
Designer Designer -- Highest achievable status, only for the Designers and Game Staff.
Cheater Cheater -- A punitive status for a person who is caught farming (helping yourself with subaccounts) or cheating in some other way.
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