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Introducing you to the job: Teacher

As a Teacher, you will be seen as a trustworthy person, a man or woman who is a professional in the subject he teaches. Therefore you must completely understand the lecture you teach and be that, a trustworthy person. As a teacher you should act as professional as possible, since you represent the school you are working for. If you explain things well, the lessons are more understandable for the students and therefore the risk that they ask questions due to not understanding is lower. It is best that you explain things as much as possible since this will pay off in the long run. It also pays to be patient, remember that not all students are available 24 hours a day to make the assignments given by you. The last key quality as a teacher is is that you need to be involved in the courses you teach as things might change in the future, and you will need to then update the lessons you teach as well. In short these are the qualities a teacher should:
• Act as professional as possible
• Explain things well
• Be patient
• You need to be involved in the courses you teach, since jobs are subject to change you will need to update your courses as well.


you could also try and become an examinator for the Consul or Minister of Education. In this function you would be checking exams made by students, and knowing the material is very important then. In this it is very important that you know how to write assignments, how to check them, and how to make sure that you give feedback on the answers. Next to this being a very important part of being an examinator, this is also one of the basic skills a teacher is expected to have.

Writing Assignments
As you know, assignments should always fall back on the things the student has learned in the lesson. When you write assignments, again take care that they’re understandable for everyone. Give examples where you think they are needed. Some teachers take it easy and actually make documents for themselves in which the correct answers are stated, together with the ratio between wrong answers and the mark. With this you make it easier to check the grades of your students and maintain a certain consistency between the grades.

Checking Assignments
As a Teacher, you must also check the answers to the assignments you gave your students. Just match them with your document for checking, personal knowledge, or the lesson. When they have part of the assignment well-answered, give them half a fault. Also, make sure to tell your students where they went wrong!

Handling errors
Another thing you should make sure is that when you notice that many students make the same errors, you must prevent it from happening again. Maybe you have written a certain part of your course incorrect, or you should try to explain it in more full detail. When you have multiple teachers at your school, discuss if they also see this problem, try to locate where it goes wrong and as last fix it where needed.

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