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Getting a job

Setting a profession
For the professions of Lawyer, Priest and Teacher you can set the profession yourself, as soon as you have obtained a degree. To do so, click on your username in the right-hand corner of the screen, scroll down to the box containing your details, and click the degree you want to adopt the profession of. After you have adopted the profession, it will appear behind your username in much the same way as your status. Of course, you do need clients and/or an employer, or you will just have a fancy icon. Most employers can be found in the club overview (for further details on employers, see below).

Obtaining a degree
To get a degree, you can apply for an exam at a school. Schools can change each round so ask around. Once you've passed the exam, you will be awarded the degree for a certain duration. You can see how long you have left till a degree expires, click your name ingame inside the blue menu box on the right. Degrees can be renewed or simply another exam taken to stop you losing the degree, this depends on what options are available in the schools.

Applying for a job
When you have finished your officer course and have received your officer degree, you can apply for a job as officer in your local city hall (or police station). Make sure to do this in the first days of the round, so you have a bigger chance of getting hired. The mayor will usually create a topic for it.

To become a journalist, you should just send in articles for newspapers like The Miniconomist and vNews. You don't need the editor degree to do this. Some players receive the profession of editor; with this, you are allowed to post on the Newsfeed. Being active and writing high quality articles might eventually be rewarded with this editor status.

Also other authorities could also have jobs available, such as Public Prosecutor, Judge or National Teacher. So, keep a close watch on the clubs!


For the different political professions like Minister, President, and Mayor, there is no direct application. To become one of these you must put yourself on an election list or be chosen by the President.

The elections are generally held in the last three days of a round. In the third week of the round, a few days before the elections, the Federals open up to possibility to put your name in for the coming elections. You can find the page, called Politics, to do so in the Information menu. In all cities, there are local elections for choosing a Mayor.

United Blingdom and Guilderland also hold national elections. The President is the player with most votes in the national elections, the Vicepresident and other government members are decided by local laws. Ministers and the vice-president are generally responsible for a part of the day-to-day management of their countries like state finances, justice and education.

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