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Introducing you to the job: officer

Officers are very important to the mayors and the residents of the city/country they serve. In Cyberie and Virtua, there are two kinds of officers. The first type of officer is the local officer. This officer is hired by a Mayor of a city and his prime concern is protecting the residents of the city his Mayor serves. A local officer has no jurisdiction in any other city. The second type of officer is the national officer. This officer is hired by the responsible Minister or Consul. The prime concern of a National Officer is protecting all residents of his country. As his jurisdiction is the whole country, his salary is somewhat larger than that of a local officer. As officer, your employer has put his/her trust in you to keep them from harm, but also to be an example to the citizens. Therefore, you need to conduct yourself in respectable and controlled manner. This includes no swearing, abuse or breaking of the law. Your employer may also ask you to perform other duties, including:
– Protecting certain citizens;
– Searching for and defusing bombs;
– Handing out fines;
– Logging off at important places;
– Moderating the Town Hall;
– Checking clubs for rule breakers.

How to become an officer  
The standard requirement of becoming an officer is to have officer degree. This degree is given after successfully finishing an exam. The exam tests if you are capable as an officer. After attaining the officer degree, you can apply as local officer at your city hall or you can apply as national officer at the Consul of Justice and Safety. Hiring an officer costs a mayor a fee of 3000 I-Shell to the National Budget, so don’t expect to be hired at will.


Passive protection
Many people think that you need to do many things to capture a criminal. However, in Miniconomy many things are done automatically. The only thing an officer needs to do is to be near the place where the crime is committed so you automatically protect the things near you. This includes protecting Citizens from harm, shops from shoplifting, bombs being placed on a lot or in short everything that is considered as criminal activities. As an officer, you protect a 10 by 10 square box of lots around you, this square increases in some cases like shoplifting. When the shop has a camera installed for example, and there is an officer inside the 20 by 20 lots square around the shop the shoplifter is caught. The alarm increases the size of the square to 40 by 40 lots. As you only protect the lots near you, you need to be as close as possible to important structures like the city hall and skyscrapers of important citizens. It would be wise as an officer that you log out at the city hall or another structure you want to protect, or at a certain place the mayor asks you to protect.

Active protection
If you see somebody being hit by a plank, being robbed or being shot multiple times, and that somebody lives in your city, then there is no time to lose. Stop what you are doing and find out where the victim is standing and get close to him. This most likely will cause that the perpetrator is caught automatically at his/her next attempt and you saved the poor victim. Also, when you see a known (foreign) criminal being criminally active in Virtua, warn the people online via chat to head for their skyscrapers and warn the criminal that he is being watched. Stay close to this person (as long as it is within your jurisdiction), this might keep him from doing harm.

How to defuse bombs  
If you see a bomb laying on a lot, there is no time to wait. If there are many people at that lot, the best thing to do is to announce the presence of this bomb via chat and in a club (police centre for example). Say there is a bomb at that lot and people need to leave it as soon as possible. I suggest you to do this, as there is always a chance that the bomb explodes while you try to defuse it. You can attempt to defuse the bomb by going to the lot property screen and click on the bomb icon.


Officers can fine citizens for various reasons. Examples are spamming, flooding, etc. For the rest, look in the law books of what is illegal to do so and were officers can punish the offender. When you want to write a fine as officer, beware that the offender needs to live in the same city as you do. City officers are employees of a mayor who is in charge of only one city and as an employee you cannot have more power than the employer. National officers can also only fine in their home city. If the offender is inside your area of jurisdiction, the following step is to check if the offender already had a fine for the incident. To check this go to the fine overview (go to MIC -> fines), and check if the offender already had a fine for the incident or not. Here you can also see who wrote the fine, who is the recipient and whether the fine has been paid already. If the offender has not received a fine yet for the incident, you write the fine via the 'fine' tab, which is located at the MIC.
At field one: enter the offender name
At field two: describe the offence the offender made, always include the law related to the offense (for example: The offender used prohibited language in a club, the fine is 100 ISH for every offensive word as stated in VL 5.2.3).
At field three: write here the amount of ISH the offender needs to pay.
At field four: select to which the money should go to.
- In case a fellow player is involved, the money goes to victim (press third party and fill in the victim’s name).
- Other incidents, the money goes to the Mayor.
When you are done, press the button distribute and you have written your fine.

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