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Priests & Marriage

Introducing you to the job: Priest

A priest has the job of marrying and divorcing players. Marriage is shown in each players profile and leads to financial gains, but otherwise does not have a large affect.

How to marry & divorce players

Players are married and divorced by a priest by use of the priest manager, shown below.

Benefits of being married:

  • When you are a Premium Member you will each receive 600 I-Shell each day instead of the normal 300 I-Shell.
  • Married status is displayed on your profile

Laws and protocols

  • Abuse of the ability to divorce players is taken very seriously. All changes can be undone and you may even receive a cheater status.
  • It is widely acknowledged that the best way for a divorce to happen is for each player of the marriage to publicly post that the divorce is wanted beforehand. This way the priest can prove the divorce was requested.
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