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Financial Civil Servant (FCS)

Introducing you to the job: Financial Civil Servant (FCS)

Financial Civil Servants (FCS) are very important to the National Government they serve. The financial civil servants are responsible for:
– checking for loans that have not been paid back in time;
- confiscating goods for loans that have not been paid back in time;
– handing out fines;
– checking all transactions to see if they were done legally.

In some countries, being the FCS is combined with another job. In Digitalië the FCS (here named Hofmeester) is also responsible for the national finances.

How to become an FCS  
The standard requirement of becoming a FCS is to apply at your National Government. There is a limit of 2 FCSs per National Government, so don’t expect to be hired at will.

Doing the job

Miniconomy Information Center
Most of the work of the FCS is located at the Miniconomy Information Center (MIC in short). To get access to this manager, click on the officer icon just below your cash amount in the top right corner of your Miniconomy screen. If you click on it, you will be redirected towards the manager. Here, you can see four options in the MIC:
1: Banks, here you can see the most important information of all banks. FCSs cannot see the normal bank accounts, but they can see all loans and saving accounts. When a loan has not been paid back in time, this will be notified by the text expired.
2: Transfers, here you can see all transactions and their descriptions. Most transactions above 100 ish require a contract. You can look up the contracts by code in the Services menu.
3: Fine, here you can write out fines.
4: Fines, here you can see an overview of already existing fines.

FCSs can fine citizens when asked to by a Government official. Examples are having illegal goods in a shop, spamming, flooding, etc. For the rest, look in the law books of what is illegal to do so and were officers can punish the offender. When you want to write a fine as FCS, the offender needs to live in the same country as you do. If the offender is inside your area of jurisdiction, the following step is to check if the offender already had a fine for the incident. To check this go to the fine overview (go to MIC -> fines), and check if the offender already had a fine for the incident or not. Here you can also see who wrote the fine, who is the recipient and whether the fine has been paid already. If the offender has not received a fine yet for the incident, you write the fine via the 'fine' tab, which is located at the MIC.
At field one: enter the offender name
At field two: describe the offence the offender made, always include the law related to the offense (for example: The offender used prohibited language in a club, the fine is 100 ISH for every offensive word as stated in VL 5.2.3).
At field three: write here the amount of ISH the offender needs to pay
At field four: select to which the money should go to.
- In case a fellow player is involved, the money goes to victim (press third party and fill in the victim’s name).
- Other incidents, the money goes to the Mayor.
When you are done, press the button distribute and you have written your fine.

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