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Everyone who possesses a ship can sail it on the rivers that divide Cyberie, Digitalie, Ibisha and Virtua. To do so, you need to add a ship to your fleet by producing one in a harbour you own or by buying a ship in a harbour. After adding a ship to your fleet, the ship can set sail to transport goods and people between two harbours of two different countries.

Making a ship

You can only sell ships in a harbour that your Miniconomy Venture (MV) owns. To make a harbour, you need:

At the harbour, you can choose to make different types of ships. The bigger the ship, the more it costs. The costs are:

TypeProduction costs *Gas usage (L/km) **CapacityWoodIronPumpsEnginesPlasticComputerGlassScrewdriverMachine
Valuta Vessel500.00 ISH1/0.2525 squst502011101521
Container Coaster1000.00 ISH1/0.2050 squst10050222021052
Cyberian Cargo Carrier2000.00 ISH1/0.1520 squst1001001150415104
Monster Mammoth4000.00 ISH1/0.10200 squst40020046100620206
Awesome Aircraft-carrier8000.00 ISH1/0.05500 squst80050046200825408

(*) Production costs decreases by setting ship building skills at your harbour.
(**) Gas usage decreases by setting skills on shipping at the fleet manager, which you can access after buying a ship.


By buying a shipping ticket you can transport yourself (a person takes 1 squst) or goods from one harbour to a foreign harbour. Travel by ship is done instantly, so you don't have to wait until the ship is leaving. As a shipper sets a departure time, the capacity of that ship is set until that time.

You can buy shipping tickets at the harbour when you want to travel yourself or by transporting goods via the warehouse as you are used to do. When transporting goods, a menu appears showing the ships you can choose to use.

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