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At a garage, people can buy a car or truck or have it repaired. In the garages showroom, there might also be a car for sale. People who want to have their car repaired are advised to ask the owner of the garage in front.

Building a garage
To build a garage, you need the following products:

Garage Manager
When you have built your Garage you will need to think about how to make profit with it. You have two options on which you can set skill points:

  • Selling cars
  • Repairing cars

Repairing a car
If you decide to repair cars, you will need screwdrivers. Depending on the amount of skill points you have on repair you might use 1 screwdriver per time or 1 screwdriver per 4 times repairing a car. Try this for a bit and find a price for the repair that is competitive and yet profitable. You can repair cars to a state of 100 points.

Renting a car
Only a Miniconomy Venture can rent taxis to other people. If you are going to start a taxi company there is really only one thing that you need to calculate; how much am I paying for fuel and how much fuel does my car use. When you calculate this you can think of a competitive price that is also profitable. When pressing on the car button under your name (upper right of the screen) you will find the list of your cars and you can there set the prices for the taxi.

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