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Shop Manager

Every shop has a Shop Manager. That is used to control your shop and edit your shops looks.


Here you can see the statistics of your shops. You can see how big your shop is and how much space there is left. Also you can see how many customers you had and who was your biggest customer is. Further down you can see how often someone tried to steal from your shop and how many times they succeeded. Also you can see a turnover table of your shop, which shows you how much turnover you had and when.


This page differs from what type of shop you have. In all shop types you will see a building preview, which shows you how your shop is currently looking.

In all shop types you also see the Change name and colors box. There you can change the name of your shop and the colors your shop has. The Market booth and Shed can only change the name and not the colors. In the Brick shop you can change the colors of the door and the bricks. In the Megastore you can only change the colors of the bricks.

Under the change name and colors you see a box with products to display in window. There you can shoose which products are shown in your shop from the outside. This is not available for the sheds.

An option that is only available for Brick shops and Megastores is the signboard. In the place where the name of your shop is displayed, you can replace that with a banner. In the brick shops, you can add a normal signboard, which is basicly just a picture. And in the Megastores you can also add a animated signboard, which will be gifs.


You can add marketing to your shop. Adding marketing to your shop means that your shop is earlier seen in the street page. If you don't add marketing, your shop will be randomly placed in the street. But the higher your marketing level is, the more to the front your shop is placed, instead of randomly placed.

In the marketing tab you can see the current marketing level and what is needed to get a higher level.

ShopMaximum level of Marketing
Market boothnone
Brick store5
Mega store100


In the security tab you can add security to your shop to prevent succesfull thefts. Security is not needed in the first 24 hours after the build of the shop. Then the shop is protected. After that you can choose if you want protection or not. This is not available for the Market booth. In the tab you can see what the current security level is and what you need to get a higher level.

Level of securityMarket boothShedBrick storeMegastore
1-1x camera1x camera1x camera per 10sqst
2--1x alarm1x alarm per 10sqst


In this tab you can manage the bans of your shop. What this does is really simple. It just blocks the way into your shop for the players you don't want to come in.

If you type a player name into the form and click ban, that player will be banned from your shop. If you want to let him back into your shop, just simply clear the form and click ban again.

This option is not available in the Market booth. In a shed you can only ban 1 player at a time. In a Brick shop you can ban max 2 players at a time and the Megastore allows you to ban 5 players at a time.


In this tab you can give players discount on a product. In costumer name, you type in the name of the player you want to give a discount to. Then you choose the product the player gets discount on. And then you can say how much discount the player gets. This has to be a number between 1% till 10%. When you click set, it will be saved and the player has a discount on your product. To delete the discount you can remove the name and click set again. Then the line will be cleared out again.

This option is not available for Market booths and Sheds. The Brick shops gives you 2 lines that allows you to give 2 players discount at a time. The Megastore gives you 3 lines. You can get more lines, which allows you to give more players discount at a time. You can buy it with credits in the credit page.

Products in this shop

In this tab you can see what products you have in your shop, how much of that product, what the price is with VAT included and you can move items from your shop back to your warehouse.

More information about the shops itself can be found on the Shop page.

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