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My Property

This is the page where you can see your property. That means all the resource lots, buildings, company shares and lots for sale you own. You can enter the page by clicking on My Property in the left menu. Something like this should open:

My Property page

This is an example and may differ from what you will see. At the top of the page you will see the buildings. All the buildings you own, like skyscrapers, clubs, shops, garages, banks, etc., will be shown here. You can click on the name of the building to open that building, so you enter the club or shop. Also you will see the address of the building, showing you which city, which street and which number your building is on.

When you have set up a Miniconomy Venture (MV), you will see company shares. This shows you the name of your company/MV. Also if you are the owner and how many shares you have. NOTE: Trading shares of MV's is not possible. So that number will always be showing 100.

Then comes the lots. All the lots you own are shown in that box. When you have alot of lots, it is a bit annoying to keep scrolling around the screen, so you can sort the lots. First, you can turn on or off the option to show lots without resources. Second, you turn on or off the option to limit the number of lots.

Then you can see the lot and some lot information. First you see the lot position, giving you the coordinates of the lot on the map. Then you can see the resources on the lots. After that you see the building. The type of building will be shown, if there is no building on it, it says none. By a road says if the lot is a roadlot where you can build on or not. Lot condition speaks for itself. Building name will show you the name of the building, if there is a building on that lot. As last you can see in which city the lot is.

At the bottom you see the box with the lots for sale. That is pretty much the same story as above for the lots you allready own.

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