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Contracts are used to make agreements between players. Just like in the real world, there are rules and procedures in the contract that you must follow from the moment you sign the contract. Creating a contract will cost 10 ISH of the player who wants to create it. The creator can write in the terms and conditions with the name of the involved player. When created, the creator automatically signs the contract and the other player will receive a sms with the contract code. That player can decide whether to sign the contract or not.

When you click on contract on the services page, you will see this:

Contract page

If you have a contract code from someone else, you can see the contract yourself, in case you need to for a court case for example.
You can also see that you can create a contract by clicking on the button. This is what you will see:

Create a contract

This is where you make up your contract when you want to create one. First type in the involved players name behind your player name.
Then you got the body where you can write the contract. Also there is a box for the small letters of a contract. You can use it if you want to add the small letters.
When you click on create, the contract is created and the involved player got a sms in the inbox.

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