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At this page you can see the services. These are the things you can do or use as tools. You can find the Services page by clicking this in the left menu:

Services page in left menu

This is what the page looks like:

Services page

You can do the following here:

- Contracts : make or search for contracts, signed between players
- Found a Company : to make a Miniconomy Venture
- Polls : you can use this to make polls, publish it and see the results
- Miniconomy Subdomains : you can make subdomains here
- Send SMS Message : to text messages to other players
- Backpack : little storage you carry with you, where you can put a phone in or screwdrivers
- Commit a Crime : to be used to commit crimes
- Fed30 Lottery : a chance game in Miniconomy, where you can win money
- Notepad : a ingame notepad, which you can use to store text\\

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