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Fed30 Lottery

The Fed30 Lottery is a chance game in Miniconomy. This basically works like a normal lottery. You buy tickets with some numbers and if you have the right numbers you will win the jackpot.

In the Fed30 Lottery, you will have tickets with 3 numbers. When buying the tickets, you can choose which number the lottery ticket will end with. The other numbers are still random. If you have the last number the same as the number that was drawn, you win 30 ISH. If the last 2 numbers are the same as the draw, you will earn 300 ISH plus the 30 ISH for the last number. All numbers the same as the draw is ofcourse the jackpot, plus the 330 ISH for having the last numbers the same.

By going to the Fed30 Lottery page, via the services tab, you will see the information about the lottery.

Fed30 lottery information

Here you can read about the prices you can win, that you can buy 10 tickets per lottery draw and that the draw is every 30 hours. Also, the jackpot starts with 1000 ISH. Every draw where the jackpot is not hit, the jackpot will be raised with 1000 ISH.

On the same page you will see this box:

Buying tickets

Here you can buy the tickets. It shows you which draw the game is in, the date when the draw will be done, the jackpot, how many tickets are sold and left to buy and the box where you can put in which last number you want on your ticket

If you missed a draw, there is no problem. You can see a little draw history on the bottom of the page:

Fed30 Lottery history

When you buy a ticket, you will get it as an SMS and will look like this:

Lottery ticket
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