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News Feed

You can see the news feed on this page. If someone goes bankrupt or if someone gets an achievement, it will show up in the News feed. Also, you will see the Fed30 lottery draw results, a bomb that exploded and damaged more then 3 players and if the overall lot state drops in a city, because of environmental problems. Some players are allowed to make news feed posts. You can see them if they let you show the message in your country. For being able to make news feed posts, you will need the editor degree.

Here you can find the news feed page:

News feed page in left menu

This is what the page looks like:

News feed page

You can see some details at the top of the post. Things like title, time it was posted, who posted the message and in which countries it was published. Right of the details, you can thumb up or down a message, but also share it on facebook or twitter. Under that you can see the message.

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