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Search For Resources

In this page you are able to search for resources. You can find the page in the left menu.

Search for Resource in left menu

This is how the page looks like.

Search for Resource Page

Here you can see all resources that are available in the game. At the top of the page you see a little box about the warehouse space. Here you see how much space you have left in your warehouse and how big your warehouse is. When digging resources, keep an eye on this bar, or you will maybe loose some of the resources.

You see 6 boxes with the 6 different available resources in the game. Every resource has it's own way of digging and has different requirements. NOTE: At clay you can see a form with "Number of repetitions". This says how many times you want to dig up clay from a lot. Keep in mind that this is a Premium Member option.

When you got all the requirements you can start digging. First select the lot. You can simply do that by clicking on that box right beside the 2 input forms. You should get a popup that looks like this:

Miniconomy Lot Selector

You can simply just click on select and the form will be filled in automaticly. TIP: Try to select the lot with the lowest lot state. If you have a lot of lots, click on condition at the top and the lots with the highest lot state will be shown at the top and the lots with the lowest lot state at the bottom.

When you have selected a lot, you see the line with percentage and 100%. This is how much you want to dig up from the lot. If you type in 50%, you will only dig 50% of the resources on that lot, and the other 50% stays in the lot.

After that you can click on search and you digged up the resources. Also keep in mind that if you don't have enough space in your warehouse, you will loose the resources that you weren't able to store. Also, the ammount you get from a lot depends on which resource you searching for and how high the lot state is and if there are any other resources on that lot or have been on that lot. This will decrease the ammount you get from a lot.

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