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This is the page where you can build a building. You can build shops, houses, clubs and garages here. An MV get the extra option to build a bank or a harbour. NOTE: Every building has to be build besides a road, a building lot called. Also you can only build in the city that is your hometown. That means you cannot build outside your own city.

Build new shop
Here you can build a new shop.

Build new shop

First you can select what type of shop you want.
Then you can set the size you want. This is in squsts.
Then you see what you need to build that shop.
At the other types then the Market Booth, you can select on which lot you want to build the shop on.
And as last you can type in the name of the shop, how you want to call your shop.
More information can be found here.

Build Skyscraper
To build a house, you need to be in this box.

Build skyscraper

First you can put in the name you want to give your Skyscraper.
Then select the lot where you want to build your Skyscraper.
Next you need to select the number of floors you want to build for the base of the Skyscraper. This can be minimal 2 floors till 4 floors. The ground floor will be the lobby and can't be used as a room.
Then you see the requirements. Keep in mind that the requirements shown, are for a 2 floor, and not per floor.
More information can be found here.

Build club
You can build a club with this box. NOTE: This is a Premium Member option. If you are not a Premium Member, you will not see this box.

Build club

Name is the name you want to give the club.
The contribution is how much players have to pay to join your club. You can set this from 0 ISH (free acces) to 100 ISH maximum.
Size is important for how many posts the club can have. The minimum and basic size is 5 squst. 35 squst is the max a club can have. A basic 5 squst club can have 50 posts. Every squst is good for 10 more posts.
The requirements, speaks fot itself. Keep in mind that it shows the requirements for the size you have selected.
You can set a club picture, which will be shown at the top of the club when you open it.
If you want to keep your club private, you can set a password. Players with the password can enter the club then.
The next option you can turn on or off is that you will get a message when someone joins or leaves the club. You will get a automated SMS from it.
Then you can select the lot you want to build the club on.
More information can be found here.

Build garage
A garage can be build with this box.

Build garage

First you see the requirements to build a garage. Squsts are not involved for the garage.
Then you can put in the name of the garage, and as last you can select the lot you want to build it on.
More information can be found here.

When you have build a house or a club, an extra box will open up. The expanding warehouse is allready open. In these boxes you can decide if you want to expand the excisting building and with how much you want to expand it. You see that you can select which building you want to expand, then the size you want to add and then you see the requirements for the expand. Keep in mind that the buildings keep their max size.

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