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The street is one of the important things in trade in Miniconomy. Here you can buy products from others and they can buy yours. The street can be found in the left menu.

Street in left menu

When you go to the street you will see something like this:


The shops that are build on this street will be shown here.

At the top you see the street name. If you want to look at another street, click on go to another street. Then you will see a little pop-up where you can see the streets on a minimap, which one is selected wil be highlighted, and you see the streetnames. When you click on another street, you will go to that street.

You can also search for a shop. Under the go to another street you see search the street for: and then a form. In that form you type in what you want to search for. You can search by shopname or by player name.

Then in the street, you see all types of shops. More information about the shops can be found here. When you see a shop that you want to check out or want to buy something from that shop, you simply click on the shop. By clicking on the shop you will enter the shop and you will see this:

Shop window

Here you can see the shop. You see the name of the shop at the top, the products that are for sale in that shop, the price of the products and the owner.

At the very top you see previous, go back to the street and next. There you can go to the previous or next shop and you can go back to the street.

You buy the products you want here. As you can see, this shop sells pumps and engines. When you click on the pump, that item will be added to the bill on the right side. When you have a discount you will see the price of the product with a discount on it. You will also see a from appear on the bill, next to th product you have chosen. There you can fill in the ammount you want of that product. You can also click on the number right above the product. This selects all of those products and will be added to the bill. You will see a total of costs on the bill.

When you have selected what product you want and how much, you can do 2 things. You can buy it by clicking buy and the products will be automaticly moved to your warehouse. Or you can steal it. That option is related to crimes and more information about that can be found here.

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