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On this page you can search for all kinds of information that you may need.

The page looks like this:

Information Page

Company Information: Here you can see some information about the MV's
Experts: Here you can ask questions to an experienced player for a particular subject (this is currently not in use)
Explanation: This will bring you to the Miniconomy Wiki
FAQ: This will bring you to the FAQ section of the Miniconomy Wiki
Law Book: Here you can see the international and national rules
Library: On this page you can download files that are uploaded by players
Miniconomy Goodie Shop: You will enter the goodie shop when you click on this
Playermanager: This is where you can see some country financials
Politics: This will show you the politics, wich differs per country
Premium Member: You can see information about the premium membership here
Profiles: This will let you search for certain player profiles
Recruit new members: When you want a friend to join Miniconomy or want to use adds
Statistics: This page will show you information about for example online players or general statistics
Supporters: If you want to know who supported Miniconomy
Translations: This will show you how far and who are working on translations of Miniconomy
Tutorials: Here you can do a tutorial
Vote for Miniconomy: You can vote here for Miniconomy, wich will give you rewards\\

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