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The map is generaly used by the players of Miniconomy. The map shows you the city and can be zoomed in to the lots of the city. It's an easy way to buy lots and you can see which lots you already own, which makes it even more easier to find your own lots and buy connected lots. Also you can see the resources on the map, you can even see the streets and all the shops, clubs and garages. And if you want to, you can see the Federation map.

Map in left menu

When you click on the map, a pop-up will open and you see this (depending on the city you are standing in):

Here you see the map of Centropolis in Virtua. The map itself really depends on which city you are. Every city looks different, has different sizes and probably have different resource fields.

At the top you see 3 boxes. In the first box you see a tiny version of the map. When you click this, a pop-up will open and shows you the map of the Federation. This map has no further options then just showing you the map. The middle one is to open the legend, more information below here. The last box is the one with the cross in it. When you click this, the map will close.

If you want to know what color is standing for what resource or building, you can click on the middle button at the top. The one with the question mark and 4 different colored boxes. This will open another pop-up, showing you the legend of the map. That way you can find things faster.

When you hover your cursor over the map, you see a box appearing with a red border around it. This is for when you want to zoom in on the map. When you click on it, the lots that are in that red border, will be showed in a zoomed in map. Every map will have 16 x 16 boxes.

This is the zoomed in version of the map. Again you see alot of squares, but here it are the lots. When you zoom in you will see the lots 8 x 8. You see different types of lots. Knowing what lot is what, is just a matter of time before you know it. You got to learn this through playing.

When you hover your cursor over the lots, you will see some lot information. You can see who the owner is, what the lot condition is and the name of the building. The lots with a blue border are the lots you own.

At the top you see the 3 boxes again. The only difference is that you see a magnifier with a minus in it. This will open up the normal map again, instead of the legend.

When you click on a lot, a pop-up shows that looks like this. This is the lot information page. Here you can see all information about this lot. If the lot is for sale, you will also see a buy button, which allows you to buy that lot. Also the price of the lot will be showed then. You can also see who is standing on the lot at the bottom of the screen.

This is what it looks like when you own a lot. Almost the same, but the different is that you can manage the lot now. You can clear the map with the red cross besides "Building" and you can raise the lot condition with the green plus besides "Lot condition". Also you can put this lot for sale here. When a lot is for sale, another option appears which allows you to stop the sell of the lot.

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