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Lot Market

The lot market is used to buy lots and shops in certain cities or from players. There are many options you can choose. First, you can find the lot market in the left menu.

Lot Market in Left menu

The lot market page looks like this:

Lot Market page

On the left side of the page you can select the search criteria. On the right side you see the lots. At the top you see how many lots are found with the criteria that is selected in the left side.

On the left side you can choose the criteria, for example, I want a shop in Centropolis for a price of 300 ISH. I go to the left side and select Shop at the lot type. At city I select Centropolis. As owner I can keep any, because shops are not sold by the Federal Government and only by players or Real Estate Agents. At price I select >250. And then lot condition I can keep it as it is now. When I have selected the criteria, the right side updates and will show me all the shops that are for sale in Centropolis.

With this you can find the lots or shops you want. You can search for resource lots, you can search for high lot state lots. You decide what you want to use it for.

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