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How To Be Safer

There are many ways to protect yourself, which depends on what you need protection from. As success rates of crimes also depend on the proximity of an officer, it is wise to have a room in a Skyscraper and shops near the place where officers are. The main ways to protect yourself are explained below.

Protection against shooting:

Most effective way to protect yourself from shooting is staying in a Skyscraper with a closed door (you can open or close doors by clicking on the door in the lower left corner, see figures 1 and 2). Methods of reducing the hospital bills are; wearing a bulletproof vest, and being in city with hospital. However, this will not prevent shooting.

NOTE: a door can be blown out with bomb, so if you get messages about a bombing attempt, ask a local officer to check lots around your Skyscraper for bombs.

closed doors
Figure 1
Opened doors
Figure 2

Protection from robbing:

Most effective way to protect yourself from losing money during a robbery is by having no cash money. You can do this by buying a lot of stuff, putting your money into stocks or by depositing money in a bank. When you are in Skyscraper with closed doors (Figure 1) you also can't be robbed from persons who don't live in same Skyscraper. You are safe from robbing when you don't have any cash on hand (Figure 3), otherwise robbers can get a portion of the money you have in hand (Figure 4).

Cash in bank
Figure 3
Cash on hand
Figure 4

Protection from thefts:

To protect your shops from thefts, you can use a camera or an alarm via the shop manager. Also, if you know thief you can ban him from your shop (Figure 5), so he can't do it again. Cost and available level of security depend on type of shop.

Level of securityMarket boothShedBrick storeMegastore
1-1x camera1x camera1x camera per 10sqst
2--1x alarm1x alarm per 10sqst
Shop security
Figure 5

Protection from bombing:

There isn't a way to protect yourself from bombing, but you can prevent harm from it, if you report it in your town hall or local officer who can then remove the bomb. Also, wearing a bulletproof vest will lower the hospital bill.

NOTE: before officer tries to disarm bomb, you should empty your nearby shop (Figure 6) and go away from lot where bomb is. If a bomb detonates, between 10% to 30% of the items in your shop can be blown to pieces.

return products
Figure 6
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