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Tree License

Buying a tree license is a credit option. With a tree license, you can plant trees on every lot with a lot condition of at least ten points.

Planting trees
It is possible to plant trees in the Lot Information screen, which shows a little tree next to the list with resources. By clicking this tree, you get a prompt in which you can enter the coordinates of the lot which you want to plant the trees on. For planting trees you need:

Lot Condition
To use your tree license on a lot, the lot condition of that lot must be higher than 10 points. Every time you plant trees, the lot condition of the lot you are planting on will decrease, just like digging the lot. The lot condition will decrease by 10 points every time you plant trees. The number of trees planted, depends on the condition of the lot. No more than fourteen trees will be planted at once.

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