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A tourist is a fictive player, recognizable by their name '[Tourist 1]','[Tourist 2]', '[Tourist 3]', and so on. Tourists can buy goods in your shops. They buy their goods most often at the player who has the best price for the goods in that city. Why tourists make certain purchases is not entirely understood, but it is known that the Federals can influence their choice.

Nations do have a tourist budget from which the tourist payments are made. When the budget is negative, tourist will stop buying. The person with access to the finance manager may complement the budget.

Nobody really knows how tourists work, but here you have some rumours:

  • Tourists 1, 2 and 3 tend to buy at small shops
  • Tourist 4 tends to buy in all shops, even big ones
  • Tourist 4 favours new traders above the more experienced
  • There are more than 20 different tourists
  • All tourists together would buy (almost) all the products


  • Some tourists like visual expressions on the shop and only buy, or will buy more products in shops that have a signboard.
  • Tourists don't buy from Miniconomy Ventures.
  • The cheaper you are compared to your competition, the more tourists you get, and the more you sell at once.
  • Statement by Federal Coordinator in Round 60: "Tourists work again as they should be, that is for the 10% of the players that are most poor. The other people will get a tourist now and then".

You are not allowed to make an account called '[Tourist 999]' or any variation of it.

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