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In the Miniconomy Federation, there are four countries. Virtua, Cyberia, Digitalia and Ibisha Island. All but Ibisha Island have multiple cities. There are in total ten cities across the Federation, excluding the tutorial city Sans Francishco. Every city has its own unique set of attributes. Choosing a city suiting to your purpose before starting the game is therefore very important!

You can view the map here.

Virtua (English speaking)

All cities are very close to each other, this has the advantage that goods can be transported at a low price to another city.

+ There's a lot of oil.
+ On average closest to other countries.
- No central position in Virtua.
- The most remote city within Virtua.

+ Central position in Virtua - makes it easier to transport your goods to other cities.
+ There's a lot of iron ore.
-+ Not very active at the beginning of the round, but activity booms a few days later.

+ There's a lot of trees and gold.
+ Only Virtuan city with a diamond field.
- Only city in Virtua where criminal goods can be purchased legally. This makes Nasdaqar home of most of the Virtuan criminals.
- No central position in Virtua or the federation.

Cyberia (Dutch speaking)

A country with a difficult, but very active political system most of the time. Cyberia is the oldest country in the Federation. Here, many of the most legendary players have played or still play.

++ A lot of resources, mainly oil.
+ Most active city of Cyberia.
- No harbours possible.
- A lot of competition.

+ A lot of iron ore.
- Not very active at the moment.

+ A lot of trees.
- Not very active at the moment.

Digitalia (Dutch speaking)

This country is the second oldest country in the Federation and has a long history rich in crime. All big criminals played or still play here. The fines in this country are therefore very low. This makes the country also susceptible to coups.

The capitol of Digitalia + Only Digitalian city with diamonds.
- A lot of crime possible.

El Peso
+ Active city for trading in Digitalia, mostly because of the combination of oil and gold.
- A lot of crime possible.

Ibisha Island (English speaking)

Ibisha Island is an island consisting of only one city (named Ibisha). This city has:
++ All resources in high densities.
+ Stable political system.
+- Low, but active population.
- No within country trade.

Old cities

In the past, there were more cities but they disappeared for some reasons.

The second city of the United Blingdom. Starting in round 175 but removed in [citation], Parish was made into a more specialised ore, tree and diamond based city compared to Coinville. After just one round, the city resources changed and Parish was then known for it's enourmous gold fields.

The capital city of Kapitaland. The country was ruled by a President who can stay in their role for multiple rounds before a new election takes place. There was also a mayor to handle the running of Florijnia. The founders of Kapitaland were The Eye and arjanisme, who took up the roles of President and Mayor respectively when the country was founded in Round 174. In Kapitaland, the crimes of shooting, bombing and robbing players were disabled, though it was still possible to hit players, shoplift and rob banks. The primary language of Kapitaland was Dutch.

Kwacha Lumpur
The capital city of Kachingapore. The country was ruled by a 3-in-1 political system. A Monarch rules as head of state, while the President acts as the financial manager for the country. There was also a mayor to handle mayoral duties within the city of Kwacha Lumpur. The first Monarch and Founder of Kachingapore was Woshiempire(), who officially founded the country in Round 172. The primary language of Kachingapore was English.

The first city to be known in the Federation. However it was drowned in round 138.

Gold Coast
A city full of gold, but after researchers found gold elsewhere it became inactive and in the end was abandoned. Nowadays a new city has been built on the place of Gold Coast, but is used as tutorial city. In in-between rounds, Gold Coast is sometimes revived.

The third city of Digitalia, due to less citizens in Digitalia it was removed. Also this city is sometimes revived in in-between rounds.

Also a gold city, that disappeared in the same round as Gold Coast. This city also is revived in in-between rounds.

The first city to be removed from the Federation. The city was primarily a home for retired traders.

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