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Achievements (MARK)

On Miniconomy there are, beside statuses, other goals to reach too. Those other goals are called achievements. They are expressed as MARKS.

The achievements are tracked on all the player profiles since round 84. You can also see other players achievements there. In round 135, the original achievements were expanded with the Luxurious Lifestyle Achievement. In round 159, achievements for all products were added. As of round 161, the special martijn5 Achievement is available. This achievement is in honour of martijn5, an active player who was famous for amassing huge amounts of turnover but sadly passed away in February of 2017.

In round 162, the Plague Achievement was added. Participate in this secret mini game and infect as many players as you can. New achievements are added over time.

WARNING! It is forbidden to trade for achievements only. That means that you always need to have profit from trading and that if you buy some ground or build shops, you need to use them.

Overview of the achievements

Below you can see the overview of all achievements:

ArchievementsClay MARKOil MARKGold MARKDiamond MARK
Whizzkid Archievement501304501,000
Digger Archievement4,50015,00045,000100,000
Engineer Achievement753009002,500
Retail Achievement3506502,1003,800
Thug Achievement1504501,6004,000
Hammer Achievement301753901,000
Victory Achievement1310-
Promotional Achievement2590210400
Landlord Achievement7502,50010,00026,000
Richman Achievement2506003,0007,500
Lucky Bastard Achievement5,0008,00020,00035,000
Workaholic Achievement1002004501,000
Entrepreneur Achievement51550150
Driver Achievement1,0002,5005,00020,000
Addict Achievement50120300500
Recruiter Achievement25---
Luxurious Lifestyle Achievement1,00010,00025,000100,000
Baking Achievement2507502,0005,000
Ironic Achievement25,000100,000200,000500,000
Refinery Achievement20,00050,000100,000-
Fluid Achievement1,0003,7507,50020,000
Screwed Achievement1,0005,00020,00050,000
Torque Achievement1,0003,7507,50020,000
Synthetic Achievement25,000100,000200,000500,000
Hole Making Achievement501304501,000
Blade Achievement1,0005,00020,00050,000
War Lord Achievement501304501,000
Silicon Achievement5,00025,00050,000150,000
Bell Achievement2507501,5003,500
Spy Achievement2501,5003,00010,000
Security Achievement502505002,000
Fireworks Achievement501304501,000
Transparency Achievement1,0005,00017,50045,000
Dodge Achievement2507502,0005,000
Masonry Achievement25,000100,000200,000500,000
Woodpecker Achievement100,0001,000,0002,000,0005,000,000
martijn5 Achievement100,0005,000,00020,000,00040,000,000
Plague Achievement525100-
Real Life Achievement1---
Stairway To Heaven Achievement105004,000-

How to obtain achievement points

In order to get achievement points, which will help you progress through the achievements, you need to perform certain activities. For all the product related achievements producing a products gives you 1 point for that achievement. The same goes for building shops, buying lots, performing crime, auctioning, spending credits, winning lottery prices, starting companies, etc.: 1 point per squst, lot, criminal point, auction, credit spent, I-Shell won in lottery, MV started, etc. Some achievements are however a lot less clear:

Luxurious Lifestyle Achievement Living in a comfort room gets you 6 points per day. A Presidential suite gives 90 points per day.

Promotional Achievement Every time you vote on all the available voting sites, you get 1 extra point.

Workaholic Achievement Different kind of jobs are rewarded with different amount of points: the harder it is to get the job, the more points you receive.

Plague Achievement A secret mini game, which you can only play when you get infected by another player. Every successfull infection gives you 1 point.

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