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Law Book

Law book page

Law books are commonly used in Miniconomy, but it is also one of the most complicated things to understand.


These law books are the rules in the game. When you go to this page at first you will see are the most general rules. You can also read the International Law. There you can see the more detailed rules that apply in the game. In whatever country you are in, you have to follow the International Laws. Then you have the National laws. These laws are different for each country. These national laws are the rules that you have to comply with in the country you are standing and/or trading.

The Mayor Manual are the rules that the mayor of a city has to comply with as well. These are mainly pointed to build up the city. International treaties are treaties created and signed between the countries.

There is an hierarchy in the law books. The International Laws stand above all other law books. The national Laws are next. At last, the International Treaties do not stand above any law book.

Legal system

As part of the game, there is a legal system. When one of these laws are broken, you can go to a court. Depending on where you live and where the player you want to sue lives, you can go to the court of your own country or the International Court.

You are able to do crimes, and that way you can use the law books to sue a criminal for their actions.

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